Chippewa Bowl hosting toy and food donation drive

NOW: Chippewa Bowl hosting toy and food donation drive

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Chippewa Bowl in South Bend is hosting a food and toy donation drive from now until December 18th. People who donate unwrapped toys can receive three free games and anyone who donates five cans will receive two free games.

The proceeds from the drive will go to Keller Park Church and its holiday outreach.

"We want to honor the people that are willing to come out and donate their toys and food and other things to make sure others don’t go without," said Summer Gentry, General Manager of Chippewa Bowl.

Gentry says this donation drive holds a special place in her heart after her family was shown so much support from Keller Park after her dad passed away last year.

"We’ve told Carrie how much she means to us several times. She knows how much she means to our family and to the community," said Gentry. "She’s an amazing person and I’m glad that we got to meet her."

Gentry says she understands that times are difficult because of the pandemic and is hoping people who can donate will give whatever they can to help those in need.

"With everything going on, everyone is strapped and that’s why at this point anything helps and we’ll take anything and any amount," said Gentry. 

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