Center for the Homeless and Notre Dame collaborate for unique art project

NOW: Center for the Homeless and Notre Dame collaborate for unique art project


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Center for the Homeless has been working to provide for their guests and give them an opportunity to get back on their feet.

In continuing that mission, they have looked to Notre Dame for something truly special.

The Center for the Homeless, in an initiative to give their guests a job where they would create something worthwhile and desirable, licensed the Notre Dame logo, and began creating an art piece using bricks from the old Corby Hall- bricks that have been on the campus since the nineteenth century.

The project also uses leftover roof slate from the construction of the new Corby Hall, making the project a blend of the old and new of Notre Dame.

The limited-edition art pieces are not just for fans- the proceeds from the project will help fund more programs from the Center for the Homeless that will help fight homelessness, and provide for those who need help.

“This is great," said Danny William Smethurst, who's been helped by the Center for the Homeless, and now helps in the creation of the art pieces. "Phil, the one who thought of these projects right here, to raise money, to keep people off the street. Needy people, that need help—they want help. If you want help, this is the place to come to. I’m very grateful.”

The art pieces are limited to five hundred, and are not for sale just yet. The website will go live this weekend.

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