Cellphone ban in classrooms across Indiana in effect for upcoming school year

NOW: Cellphone ban in classrooms across Indiana in effect for upcoming school year

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As the first day of the 2024-2025 school year approaches, school districts across the Hoosier State will be cracking down on cellphones in the classroom.

Senate Bill 185 that was signed earlier this year by Governor Eric Holcomb, went into effect July 1st.

Many schools, already have some sort of restriction on place, including South Bend, according to the Superintendent.

“Our policy meets all the requirements of the new cell phone and so part of it is that students and teachers will work together how to use technology in their classroom, so we don’t anticipate there will be any policy changes,” said Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings.

The new law says school districts must adopt a policy that bans students from using wireless communication during class time, except in the case of an emergency, with teacher’s permission, or in a case-by-case basis if the device is included in their individualized learning program.

Not all parents are in favor of the law, for safety reasons.

ABC57 asked people out walking around downtown their thoughts.

“It’s on it’s a distraction and the companies built that distraction intentionally… Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram be real…so it’s intentionally built to distract kids, so I think it’s great for schools. I’m looking forward to as a teacher,” said Jim Shoesmith.

“I think we can’t live without it. We can’t live without it… so might teach them how to live with it in an appropriate way… Yeah, we need to teach them how to use them appropriately,” said Kristy Bridegroom.

“It’s not teaching you what’s happening right now in this classroom that’s gonna further you in your education. So ban those cell phones Indiana… I’m with it,” said Cassandra Pearson.

 Superintendent Cummings says the school board still needs to work with teachers and principals to come up with the best ways to

enforce the rule this upcoming semester, to find balance between safety and focus.

“We think that safety is really important so how we strike that balance between academics and our students being safe we think it’s really important,” he added.

More information on the law can be found using this link.

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