Caitlin Clark’s Fever home debut

NOW: Caitlin Clark’s Fever home debut

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Fever fans packed 18,000 seats in Gainbridge Fieldhouse for the former Iowa superstar, Caitlin Clark.

Clark is inspiring fans of all ages and genders as she becomes the new face of the WNBA.

She's impacting women’s basketball like nothing has before.

Clark stated, "I still feel like that young kid, like I don't feel like I'm, you know, this big, you know, figure that's larger than life like to me like I just love playing basketball and that's why I continue to remind myself every day of every single day is like how grateful I am to be here and be in this place. And, you know, the opportunities that I've been given because of basketball have been tremendous. So, I think it's just the people around me that have, you know, allowed me to remain grounded and you know, enjoy every second of what I've been doing.

The WNBA has had its struggles attempting to grow a larger fan base over the past 27 years.

Now it's set to spend $25 million for each team to have charter flights this season.

Clark has fans from all over, even a pair of New York Knicks fans from Austin, Texas, who changed their plans to see the WNBA star.

Knicks fan, Eric Marco said, "We saw that the game tonight got pushed up, we wanted to see Caitlin Clark, and we couldn't believe that we're going to see her first home game. It's, uh, an amazing, amazing experience and yeah, we got tickets for the game tonight, also the Knicks. But, uh, we're really excited. I mean, what we saw her do during the tournament made us fans. It was amazing, um, obviously we got a little taste with Sabrina Ionescu during the All-Star Weekend, which got us excited, then Caitlin Clark's just taken our fandom to another level and we're, we're WNBA fans now, it's, it's really exciting."

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