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Bethel University signs first eSports recruit

NOW: Bethel University signs first eSports recruit

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. –– Annually, high school senior athletes sign their national letter of intent to attend a specific university. Countless athletes are offered that same moment of celebration across a variety of sports, and for Alyssa Ritchie, Wednesday was her day to sign.

Ritchie became the first signee of the new Bethel University eSports program. Ritchie said she hopes the commitment inspires girls across the country to do what they love. 

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MX 15 days ago
Athlete?!?! Are we seriously calling video gamers athletes? Are we really signing kids to college to play video games? Has anyone seen idiocracy? Am I sleeping?
0415TW MX 11 days ago
I mean someone who dedicates hours of their time, learning and becoming better at something, and competing in tournaments against other people, should be considered athletes. Just like how chess and band are considered sports. Gaming requires skill and is a deep and serious study, it may not be considered 'physical', but it is definitely mentally challenging. And E-Sports are becoming a new type of profession that people can make a career out of. I think that if a college went as far as making a team just for video games, then maybe you should consider looking into it more, before you go and make ignorant comments like this. You're just being negative, when instead you should be congratulating this young lady for becoming amazing at something, and being recognized for it.
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