Artificial Advantage: AI presents a unique danger for society

NOW: Artificial Advantage: AI presents a unique danger for society

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -  Should you be afraid of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?> When reality can be created with the click of a button, how can you trust what you see and hear?

ABC57's Brian Conybeare delved into the dark side of AI and spoke to Notre Dame Professor of Global Affairs Lisa Schirch, who says that the development of AI could potentially lead to catastrophic results for mankind. 

"50% of AI scientists say that there is a ten percent chance that AI will lead to the extinction of humans," said Schirch. 

Meanwhile, Notre Dame Computer and Science and Engineering professor Tim Weninger does not believe AI directly threatens human at any point in the near future. 

"Human extinction is not on the menu for many decades or centuries from Artificial Intelligence. We're not anywhere near the point where that is something I fear," said Weninger. 

Nevertheless, the rise of AI has led to a magnitude of issues for society, including a steep increase in fake news shared through social media. 

Professor Shirch says that one way to identify AI generated images is by looking at the subject's hands in the generated photo, as they often create pictures with uneven or warped hands. 

You can upload images through Google Images to try to determine if an image is AI generated. 

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