ABC57 Road Trip: Step into the story at Conner Prairie

ABC57 Road Trip: Step into the story at Conner Prairie

FISHERS, Ind. -- Welcome to Conner Prairie.

“We are excited to teach history in a way that books cannot, this relevancy that we have here today in this community to invite people in to warm up by the fire to understand what life would have been like in the 1800s in a space like this with weather like; this is your winter playground,” says Andrew Bradford, Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer at Conner Prairie.

The interactive, historic place inspires curiosity and fosters learning with experiences unlike anywhere else. It is a place for all ages from babies, to kids, or even adults.

We started our experience indoors at Discovery Station and Craft Corner. There, guests can create, climb, explore, play and pretend and even babies have a special area calling their name. The indoor experiences are just one benefit of exploring the historical hub all year round.

With crafts, experiences and of course, plenty of opportunities for education, kids have the chance to learn and grow.

But, what would a trip to the prairie be without going outside?

“The space here is vast, we are excited to open up to more and more of it to guest each and every day, the 1,046 acres the role we play in thinking about the land and stewardship is critical to our mission,” says Bradford.

Introducing Indiana’s winter playground. You can now spend your winter weekends exploring Conner Prairie. Guests have the chance to stroll through the snowy grounds before heading inside of the Golden Eagle Inn, the Campbell house, or maybe the Civil War Journey’s Porter house.

Each cozy home is staffed with interpreter’s who are rich in knowledge and able to answer any historical question you are eager to discover! The experience makes learning fun and, well, entertaining.

It was clear, young or old, hot or cold, a trip to Conner Prairie has everyone feeling inspired and fulfilled! It is a new way to join history, and of course, step into the story.

“Conner Prairie is the place to explore everything, we have every opportunity to step into the story here, and whether that is just being out, exploring nature or whether that is understanding the past, how it has informed the present, how it could inspire the future; our staff is eager to engage on any topic you can imagine about how we got to this point today and how to inspire the future.”

Plan your visit here.

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