Do you love ice cream? ABC57 Road Trip: Museum of Ice Cream

NOW: Do you love ice cream? ABC57 Road Trip: Museum of Ice Cream

CHICAGO - ABC57'S Road Trip continues this week in Chicago!

Our team skipped dinner and went straight to dessert, visiting the Museum of Ice Cream.

The one-of-a-kind museum in the Midwest is among five unique locations worldwide.

"This is the only museum where everyone gets to eat unlimited ice cream and play like a kid," said Kimberly Lawson, General Manager. "You can expect eating flavors you've never experienced before."

The space features five rooms sprinkled with different ice cream-filled activities, like Bean, Cloud and Momi.

The museum also gives folks a chance to make edible slime, unwind in the café with a full-service bar or jump right in to the sprinkle pool.

The entire space is a nod to the Windy City while highlighting locally owned businesses that make ice cream from scratch.

"So during Black History Month, we started partnering with Ida's Ice Cream," said Lawson. "We've been able to continue that partnership. So when you get to Carnival, that is where we really get to exhibit some of her incredible flavors right now with key lime pie, which is actually vegan, and then we also have Cookie Monster."

And if you have any more room left in your stomach, the experience also features must try Chicago food staples like hot dogs but with a surprise twist….

The museum wakes up your taste buds, satisfies your sweet tooth and bring out the inner child in everyone.

"It’s something like I’ve never seen before like in Dubai or anywhere," said visitor Ayra Shanavas. "I think it’s a really cool place. I feel like I could relive my childhood again with all the colors and the ice cream flavors, it was a childhood experience."

The Museum of Ice Cream just opened its doors last summer and stays pretty busy, so they recommend you get your tickets in advance online.

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