ABC57 Road Trip: Experience a night behind bars at Old Jail Inn

ABC57 Road Trip: Experience a night behind bars at Old Jail Inn

ROCKVILLE, Ind. -- “Well, you get to come and spend the night in jail, and its fun and unique,” says Patty Hawley, Co-Owner of Old Jail Inn and Drunk Tank Winery. “We get a lot of people who want that experience.”

Located in Rockville, Indiana, lies the Old Jail Inn. From 1879 to 1998, the jail remained in operation.

After 119 years of housing inmates, the jail sat empty and unused. But in 2010, everything changed!  It was then that Deborah Olsen spotted an iron door in the drunk tank. She bought the door, but with it, the city gave her the jail. So, she decided it was time for a major makeover!

Every room of the Old Jail Inn is some sort of cell. On the main level, couples can find two suites. These holding cells each have a theme of their own bringing comfort and excitement. Needing room for the full family? The first floor has a cell block with 5 rooms, a bed and light in each. These are a great option for those planning a group stay. Do not worry there are more options, too! The second floor can fit full families in the cell with a queen size bed, two bunk beds, and a private bathroom.

From families, to couples wanting to get away, the Old Jail Inn offers a unique experience for all ages!

“We get girl scout troops that come out and want to have a little fun experience,” says Hawley. “They will stay in the cell block and have a little party, and their mothers are here and stuff but they have a ball. They dress up in the clothes and take pictures like they are behind bars.”

For current co-owner, Patty Hawley, it is about the visitors who all write their name on the wall noting the fun time they have visiting the jail.

“They love to get to come here in a jail cell and write their names on the wall and have a lot of fun while they are here,” says Hawley.  

But luckily for inmates, beverages are not too far! Just below the Old Jail Inn is the Drunk Tank Winery.

“It is not the usual setting for a winery, but Patty and I make it work,” says Trina Poytner, Drunk Tank Winery.  

And it is clear visitors have a lot to see while they sip their sweet beverage! The Drunk Tank is the actual, old tank used for hundreds of years in Rockville. It even has the drunk tank cell that can give quite a fright. But luckily, the winery will not be locking up anyone anytime soon!

“We specialize in interactive wine tastings,” says Poytner.  

Customers can find a large array of ever-changing wines at Drunk Tank Winery. The staff takes visitors through each taste to help you find that perfect glass. While an actual night in jail might not be on anyone’s to do list, Old Jail Inn combines a taste of history, fright…and comfort in an exciting new way!

Plan your visit to the Old Jail Inn or Drunk Tank Winery here.

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