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The Andy Griffith Show

Goober Goes to the Auto Show More

An old friend makes Goober feel worthless.

Jerry Springer Show

Lesbians Over Easy More

Amber is a lesbian and says she recently hooked up with a guy named Aaron. Amber says it was an innocent mistake but Aaron’s girlfriend Kelci knows about it now and is understandably irate. Aaron blames his lack of discretion on the alcohol and vows it won’t happen again in hopes that Kelci can forgive him. What will Kelci do now that the cat is out of the bag? Sierra’s friends helped her celebrate her 18th birthday by providing her with a private dance with a male stripper named Maintain! H

Steve Wilkos Show

Who's Watching Your Kids? More

On today's Steve Wilkos Show, we recap stories involving child abuse. What makes these stories even more harrowing is that the alleged perpetrators are the so called loved ones. Don't miss the shocking and heart wrenching results as guests find out the hard way that when it comes to your child's well-being, you have to be sure.

Chicago P.D.

Get My Cigarettes More

A friend of Voight's is murdered by an apparent serial killer, and Ruzek, Antonio and Halstead help with the case. Elsewhere, Burgess and Roman investigate a string of break-ins


Is My Husband Cheating With Transgender Women? More

On an unbelievable episode of Maury, Daniel says he has cheated on his wife Amanda. However, Daniel’s case is different because he admits to sleeping with transgendered women. Amanda fears that there other secrets Daniel is keeping her in the dark about. Is there anything else he’s storing in the closet? Then, Destiny believes that her husband Gary did the unthinkable and had an affair with her own cousin Tasha. While Tasha thinks that Gary is cheating on Destiny with multiple women, she swears

Comedy Classics

Three Little BeersSing a Song of Six Pants***The Awful Tooth More

The Little Rascals believe that if they all have their teeth pulled, the Tooth Fairy will leave them a fortune. (1938)

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