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The Andy Griffith Show

Aunt Bee's Medicine Man More

Aunt Bee, saddened by the death of a friend, is feeling old and lacking in energy. She stumbles across a medicine man's presentation and is intrigued by his bottle of elixir. She takes this medicine and feels SO much better. She convinces all the ladies of the club to try some too. Trouble is, this medicine is 40 proof!

DragonFly TV

Human Body More

Divers Niki and Jaq explore how body position reduces splash and improves their performances. Garrett, Karl and John investigate old and new ski jumping positions to determine the most effective stance.

The Andy Griffith Show

The Darlings Are Coming More

Mayberry is visited by an unusual family from the mountains.

Sunday Night Cartoons

Rabbitson Crusoe (1956)Wacky Wild LifeAladdin and His Wonderful LampThe Kangaroo KidSlap Happy Pappy (1940)Surf-Board CatTom Turkey and His Harmonica HumdingerDaffy Duck & EggheadPopeye's 20th AnniversaryBats in the BelfryRock-N-RodentA Hollywood DetourHippety Hopper (1949)Betty Boop and the Little KingBoy, a Gun, and Birds, AWags to RichesPorky's Pet (1936)Field and Scream More

Bugs travels to an island where he’s hunted by sam crusoe., Who’d ever suspected wildlife could be so wacky?, Olive oyl works for a movie company writing scripts. In one, she pictures herself as a lovely princess and popeye as charming prince aladdin., A baby kangaroo wants to be a violinist despite his father wanting him to be a fighter., On porky pig's farm, a rooster desperately desires a son., Tom dreams of being a surfer but things change when jerry and some sea creatures get involved., Tom

Forensic Files

Sniffing Revenge More

The Janet Overton case is detailed.

Murdoch Mysteries

Devil Music More

Murdoch investigates the death of a musician whose murder was narrated in a blues song.

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