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The Andy Griffith Show

Howard's Main Event More

Howard, dating Millie, is threatened by her husky former boyfriend.

Jerry Springer Show

Guys Scared Straight More

Today, Khalil wants to break up with his baby’s momma Darnisha so he can be with his one night stand. Will Khalil be so eager to flee his relationship with Darnisha when he finds out that Miyah has been withholding a big secret? Porshe is ready to confront a woman named Misty who is been acting as her boyfriend Delvon’s side chick! However, Misty isn’t the only side chick and she has finds out there is other competition! Will Zack’s girlfriend Sarah accept the new him? He was born a wom

Steve Wilkos Show

Here's Your Chance, Prove You're Innocent More

Today on the Steve Wilkos Show, Jamison says he has been kept away from his daughter for too long. His ex-girlfriend Golda refuses to allow him to be a part of their daughter's life because she believes he molested her during an overnight visit. Jamison is here to clear his name in hopes that he can finally be reunited with his daughter again. Next, Tina suffered a terrible loss when her son passed away a year and half ago. Both Tina and her husband decided to turn their tragedy into something p

Chicago P.D.

New Guard More

Halstead takes a new recruit under his wing during an investigation. The dynamics are challenging, however, and questions arise over the recruit’s complicated past.


Back For the Truth! More Tests, More Results, More Drama! More

On today’s Maury, Marquita and Chrisshawn are back and this time it’s because he’s denying being the father of her son. She believes Chrisshawn is taking this stance because he’s stewing over the fact that she dumped him after failing a lie detector test. Chrisshawn says he won’t accept responsibility for raising another man’s child, but Marquita is confident, the results of the DNA test will prove her right! Then, Mariah called off her engagement to her fiancé Branden when it was revealed that

Comedy Classics

Dutiful But DumbStone Age RomeosTassels In the AirTwo Too Young More

Spanky and Alfalfa try to talk Porky and Buckwheat out of their firecrackers. (1936)

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