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Pawn Stars

Pony Up More

Patrons bring in several unique items to the Las Vegas pawn shop for appraisal. Some of the items appraised include person possessions of J. Howard McGrath, former Attorney General of the United States, including a counterfeit $10 bill, letter thought to be from J. Edgar Hoover and Secret Service Credentials; a Soundwagon Record Player; a 70s Horse Race Analyzer; and a 1962 Mighty Mite.

Pawn Stars

Teacher's Pet More

The guys set their aim on a World War II bombsight; Corey and the Old Man check out a stock ticker from the 1930s; Chumlee teaches Antwaun about pawning.

Jerry Springer Show

I Had a Threesome With Your Twin Sisters More

Marcus couldn’t deny the chance to sleep with twins. But how will he explain this to the twins’ sister and his girlfriend Chasity? Tommy is about to find out that the mother of his new baby has been cheating on him. But the real drama begins when he finds out how long it’s been going on! Find out today on Jerry Springer!

Steve Wilkos Show

Criminal Acts Against Children? More

On today's Steve Wilkos Show, Jessica says her heart was broken after she heard allegations that her 4 year old son was sexually molested. Her mother, Rebecca, contends that the boy's father's cousin Demetrius, is the culprit. But Demetrius believes Rebecca is coaching the child and says not only are these accusations false but they have ruined his life. Plus, for the past 28 years William has had suspicions that his mother Jean intentionally burned him with hot water as a baby. Jean claims it w


You Got My Teen Pregnant... I'll Prove You're the Dad! More

Today, Heaven and her mother, Rebecca are out to prove that a man named Darien is the father to Heaven’s son. Heaven refused to be controlled by Darien and because of that, he doesn’t trust her. She claims that he started to deny the baby when she broke up with him and started a new relationship. But he contends that Heaven is a lied about being pregnant once and is convinced he’s not the father! Its time for Darien to stop running away from his parental responsibilities, but is today that day?

Comedy Classics

Scotched in ScotlandPain in the PullmanViolent Is The Word For CurlyTeacher's PetBouncing BabiesCome CleanOne Good Turn More

Jackie's set to break in the new teacher, Miss Crabtree, with some elaborate practical jokes. (1930), Wheezer's new baby brother is getting all his parent's attention, so Wheezer tries to send him back to heaven. (1929), The hardys, hoping to avoid having the laurels drop in and spoil their quiet evening, pretend not to be home when the couple inevitably call., Stan and ollie are down on their luck and beg at an old lady's house for food.

Forensic Files

Sworded Scheme More

A young woman is murdered and all evidence points to her boyfriend being the killer.

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