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The Andy Griffith Show

Opie and Mike More

Opie sticks up for a young boy and must pay the price.

Pawn Stars

Aw Shucks! More

Items brought to the shop include an 80-year-old carnival Big Six wheel, which Rick and the seller spin to come to an agreement on a purchase price, a white metal coin from George Washington's 1799 funeral, with a hole drilled into it that bothers Rick, and whose apparent age worries the Old Man, a flax bow totem from a Native American craftshop in Wyoming, a copy of the 1900s Coca Cola advertisement Drink Coca Cola 5 cents featuring model Hilda Clark, and a hand-cranked corn husker.

Jerry Springer Show

Girlfriends Mowed Over More

Delta has been hooking up with her boss John and now she wants to take things to another level with him. However, John doesn’t want to compound matters in the workplace and is already spoken for. John claims he’s trying to reconcile things with his a baby’s momma Kelly, but Delta doesn’t see Kelly as obstacle and wants what she believes belongs to her! Jenna claims her wild and exuberant ways have landed her in a heap of trouble. She met and eventually would hook up with a guy named Joey she

Steve Wilkos Show

Is My Husband Secretly A Heroin Addict? More

Robin lives in a small town that is currently battling a huge heroin epidemic. But she never imagined that this dangerous drug would ever enter her home until she found 2 syringes and a spoon, tied together by a shoelace, hidden in her bathroom. Now, Robin is terrified that her own husband, Darrell, is hiding an addiction to heroin. Next, when Tabatha last appeared on the show, she shared a shocking confession and admitted to being a drug addict and that her boyfriend Vincent would allow her to

Chicago P.D.

Assignment of The Year More

A moneyed diamond dealer is killed on Antonio's watch. Halstead and Lindsay work the case, but they must go undercover in an uncomfortable location.


4 Women... 7 Babies Tested... Which Man Is the Father? More

Fantasia wants to prove to her ex-boyfriend Eugene that he’s the father to her three-month-old fraternal twins! But Eugene believes that Fantasia slept with other men around the time she got pregnant. He also believes that Fantasia was looking for a sperm donor to have children with lesbian wife Alexis! Can Eugene accept the fact that Fantasia left him for another woman and still be a father to his little girls? Then, Tristan wants to prove to her ex-boyfriend Ben and his sister Stephanie that h

Comedy Classics

Musty MusketeersYes We Have No BonanzaHonky Donkey More

Wally, the rich kid, brings The Little Rascals and their pet mule home. (1934)

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