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The Andy Griffith Show

Those Gossipin' Men More

After Andy teases the fairer sex about gossiping, Aunt Bee pulls a prank to prove that men are gossips, too.

Pawn Stars

Hello Nurse More

The Pawn Stars set their sites on a sharpshooter's Kentucky Long Rifle from the Civil War; Rick and Corey are presented with a very rare G.I. Joe Nurse doll from the 1960s; a man comes in looking to sell a set of silver dishes pilfered from Hitler.

Pawn Stars

Getting A Head More

The Pawn Stars are presented with a 1969 Buick Skylark; Chumlee and the Old Man look to buy a Civil War field desk complete with captured Confederate documents; Rick is presented with a human shrunken head; a Black Widow Brooch possibly made by Faberge and go to see a man with a 1902 Sears Pump Organ.

Jerry Springer Show

"I'M Stripping to Support You!" More

Desiree is furious that her boyfriend Jarrus cheated on her with her own sister Roisha. But Jarrus claims that he and Desiree were never anything more than friends with benefits. Roisha says that Desiree needs to grow up and realize when she’s being taken advantage of. But Desiree says that she’s not about to let Jarrus go without a fight. Tommy is here because he says that his entire relationship with his girlfriend Sara changed when she started stripping. He says that since then she’

Steve Wilkos Show

Accused Of Molestation...Again More

On today's Steve Wilkos Show, a couple of weeks ago Donavon got a knock on his door from the police because they needed to talk to him about his son. He immediately assumed the worst and thought his son might have been hurt. Instead, Donavon learned he was being accused of sexually molesting his son. Then, Angelique says her earliest memory as a child is being molested by a close relative. When she finally had the courage to speak out about it, she was shocked that her own mother, Lisa, was quic

Chicago P.D.

Life Is Fluid More

Intelligence pursues a heroin kingpin who has a member of the team kidnapped.


Test Me... I'll Prove I'm Not Sleeping With Your Husband! More

A month ago Diamond came on the show to prove to her ex-boyfriend Chris and his wife Lorreta that he fathered her son. Chris was proven to be the father but it also raised Loretta’s suspicions about Chris and whether he was having an affair with Diamond and other women as well. He denies ever cheating on his wife and intends on proving himself to be an all-true man! Next, Chelsea and her boyfriend James are back. Why? Because she suspects that James accused her of cheating to mask his infidelit

Comedy Classics

Hot ScotsCash and CarryBeginner's Luck More

Spanky's mother goads him into entering a local theatre's amateur night. (1935)

Forensic Files

Second Shot at Love More

When heart surgeon Darryl Sutorius is found dead in the basement of his upscale Cincinnati home, police assume he committed suicide. Friends and family indicate that the man suffered prolonged bouts of depression and had spoken of killing himself. But, further investigation reveals that his new wife Della Sutorius has a history of violence and an insatiable desire for money. The story of how he died is finally decided in court, as teams of forensic scientists face-off to see if the good doctor d

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