Yellow River under flood warning in Marshall County


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. -- UPDATE: Emergency Management has released a list oof closed roads and ones with high water.

  • 12th-U.S. 30 to Beech - CLOSED
  • 15th-Hickory to Juniper - Highwater
  • Gumwood-S.R.10 to 15B - CLOSED
  • Redwood and 9th - Highwater
  • Gumwood-12B to 14th- Highwater
  • Beech-9B to 10B - CLOSED
  • 8th-S.R.331 to Elm - CLOSED
  • 9th and Fir - Highwater
  • 17th and Filbert-Highwater
  • 4th- East of Ply-Goshen Trail - Highwater
  • Michigan-18th to 19th - Highwater
  • Redwood and 16C - Highwater
  • Olive-13th to 14th - Highwater
  • Beech-4th to 4B - Highwater

ORIGINAL STORY: Marshall County Emergency Management reports there are a few roads with high water in low-lying areas.

Officials say S.R. 331 and 8th Road near Bourbon have areas of high water currently.

Yellow River is currently under a flood warning in Plymouth and is forecasted to peak at 13.9 feet which is flood stage, according to officials.

At the river's peak, officials say it could lead to minor residential and commercial flooding, but it's not expected to reach that level until Thursday afternoon.

Emergency officials will update the situation as it develops.

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