Court sets date for Kemia Hassel's murder trial

NOW: Court sets date for Kemia Hassel’s murder trial

The widow of Tyrone Hassel III was in court Monday for a status hearing on her case. Kemia Hassel has been charged with one count of first degree murder in her husband's death.

Kemia is accused of having her boyfriend, Jeremy Cuellar, kill her husband while they were on leave for the holidays.

Cuellar has been charged with first degree murder and felony firearm.

At the hearing, Kemia's trial was set for July 15.

The victim's father is looking forward to hearing all the evidence at trial.

"I'm just happy it's finally taking place. It's going to be tough but we're going to get through it and just get it behind us," said Tyrone Hassel II, the victim's father.

The judge also ruled statements from Cuellar made to his friends after the murder can be used in court.

"The biggest thing today was that the judge allowed their statements to be admitted into court. That would've just crushed me if they wouldn't have," Hassel said.

The prosecutor's office told the judge they are still waiting for evidence from the Michigan State Police and some records from Snapchat.

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