Washington girls basketball prepares for back to back runs at the state finals

NOW: Washington girls basketball prepares for back to back runs at the state finals

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Washington's girls' basketball team is to Indianapolis Saturday for another shot at the class 3A state finals.

It’s familiar territory for the Washington Panthers back in Indianapolis, back in the state finals, back facing silver creek high school for a second straight year.

This year, the panthers expect to return home champions.

"This year is definitely expected like I expected to come back, I expect to win. I’m super confident in our team. I’m really just excited, I've probably abused that word today but excitement is really all I’m feeling," said Washington girls basketball player Mila Reynolds.

In this weekend’s rematch, the girls expect to bring the class 3A state final trophy back to the pride of the west side for the first time since 2007.

"My first year when i was here at Washington we lost, you know we lost and that’s the same thing that happened with us last year, we lost. So, I’m just super excited this year because I’m just like we’re on a roll, you know we won my second year so we got this one," said Washington girls assistant coach and 2007 champion Karis Phillips.

The team believes their bond and family oriented style is what got them this far and that’s what will help the panthers on the court this Saturday in a matchup between the two top-seeded teams in the state.

"They’re just like sisters to me. You may have troubles and trials in whatever you do but you always get over it at the end of the day. At the end of the day we’re only focused on one main goal and that’s winning state," said Washington girls basketball player Rashunda Jones.

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