Thrill on the Hill slides back to Buchanan

NOW: Thrill on the Hill slides back to Buchanan

BUCHANAN, Mich. - Buchanan’s biggest event officially kicks off this weekend. Thrill on the Hill sees Buchanan residents coming out to enjoy trucks, concerts and of course the big slide. 

“We’re so lucky, blessed to have the volunteer resources we do, the staff, and first and foremost, the community as a whole. This is a wonderful event to bring families together and we’re thrilled to put Buchanan in the spotlight in the region but this is really for our citizens and letting them know we’re a family community and this is important to us. Here you go, have fun," City Commissioner of Buchanan Patrick Swem said. 

For over the past ten years, Thrill on the Hill has been a staple in the Buchanan community.

Every year the department of public works crew and water crew team up to construct the five-hundred-foot slide, the largest in Southwest Michigan.   

With over fifty local sponsors and one hundred volunteers, it exemplifies the city’s motto: small town, big heart. 

“It’s the block party feel. It’s like getting your neighbors together and just having a great time. All the smiling faces from one year old even younger to all the way up. This is something for everybody and it brings all people together. We're just so proud to be a part of that.” 

Thrill on the Hill takes place from July 14-16.

Click here for a schedule of events.

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