The Irish preparing for an historic matchup against Tennessee State in week two of the season

NOW: The Irish preparing for an historic matchup against Tennessee State in week two of the season

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Notre Dame football players are excited about facing an HBCU team for the first time, in week two of the season in the house that Rockne built. 

After taking care of Navy in Dublin, Ireland, Notre Dame gears up for their home opener right here in front of their fans against Tennessee State.

The team is looking forward to the cultural experience of things, like the band and other festivities taking place on campus, but they're not treating Tennessee State any different than any other opponent on the schedule this season.

“It's great to be a part of the first of anything and to have them here and I know coach George and Marcus are close. But at the same time, we got to keep our eyes on the challenge,” said defensive coordinator Al Golden.

Golden, much like the rest of the team, has his eyes set on being productive and finishing the job against Tennessee State.

“They were very good statistically in their league last year, so we're anxious to be able to face another great opponent,” first offensive coordinator Gerad Parker said.

Parker understands what it's like to be at an HBCU and he spent part of his coaching days in the same conference as Tennessee state.

"My first job in college football was at UT Martin, which was in the OVC, which is the same league, so I know a lot about that league, and very aware of that league and have a lot of appreciation for them. We played them while it was there all three years,” Parker added.

As for players like Dieon Colzie, who hauled in three catches on 45 yards and one touchdown, he's looking forward to the atmosphere as he's been raised by a family who comes from an HBCU background.

“Most of my family went to HBCU. So, I know what they're all about. And I know there's going to be they're not going to be an easy team to roll over. Um, they're going to come and fight,” Colzie mentioned.

“When I was young, I visited HBCU I was in a program called Project manhood. So, I visited Alabama A&M before, so I know about I've seen videos, obviously on Twitter and stuff like that of HBCU coach I think is really cool," Safety Xavier Watts said.

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