Swimmers reminded to use caution in Lake Michigan, check warning flags

NOW: Swimmers reminded to use caution in Lake Michigan, check warning flags

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. – There have been multiple drownings across Lake Michigan, including two recently at South Haven. A 33-year-old man from Ohio and 7-year-old from Texas drowned earlier this week.

Authorities believe 33-year-old Anthony Diehl was attempting to save a 7-year-old.

After talking to people at South Beach in South Haven, the drownings haven’t deterred anyone from enjoying the sand and water.

It has reminded them to be cautious when entering the water and to pay attention to warning flags.

The flags tell swimmers and beachgoers whether it's safe to swim.

Green means that the water is safe and good for swimming, Yellow means to enter the water with caution and there is potentially high surf, and Red means there is strong currents and dangerous surf and no swimming is allowed. Everyone is urged to stay away from the piers.

Johnnie Gwynn, a Florida resident, said that he treats the lake with caution and is aware of the dangers.

Taryn Skees said that she pays attention to warnings on her weather app that gives her all the info she needs.

“Pay attention to the flags and the warnings. I mean ours came up on our weather app, so I mean you can get all the information that you can and the rip currents I’ve seen so many postings of what that looks like and how to be safe when you are in a rip current in the water,” said Skees.

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project holds open water surf lifeguard and first responder in-service trainings if you would like to learn about how to help someone who is in trouble in the water. Click here to visit their website

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