SBCSC works to fix Navarre Middle School

NOW: SBCSC works to fix Navarre Middle School

SOUTH BEND, Ind --- Teachers and community leaders packed the South Bend school administration building on Friday to talk about the transformation plans for Navarre Middle School. 

Navarre Middle School has received a school grade "F" for the past seven years. 

Under the state law schools with six straight years of failing have the right to close down the school, force merger or the state will take over.

South Bend Schools Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells admits there have been hard times at Navarre but they are doing all they can to make the change. 

"We've had some struggles at Navarre," said Spells. "There is no question about that, but we have shown some improvement at Navarre."

That's why Dr. Spells held a meeting to have a discussion with community leaders and teachers to help save Navarre. 

According to Deputy Superintendent Todd Cummings, students at Navarre are not reading at the grade level or above grade level. That is a problem for students especially when it comes time to take the state exam. 

"I am committed to the fact we cannot continue to move students forward who can't read," Cummings said. "So with Dr. Spells and the transition and being July 1st were committing and that means we are going to make sure our babies read."

Teacher and pastor in the community, Larry Davidson was vocal during the meeting. As a fellow educator himself he knows first hand of the troubles children face in the school and says it begins in the home. 

"Teachers need parental involvement, whenever a teacher call the minimum that should happen is the parent should sit the student down with that child about behavior or making sure they are getting their homework done," Davidson said. "You'll be amazed how effective those two things could be in a child's life after a parent just shows interest."

The South Bend school board will be voting a potential committee called Academic Achievement Expulsion and Suspension this coming Monday. 

If voted, the committee will focus on the worst schools and come up with a plan to work with students and to change the face of education in South Bend.

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