Remembering Zachery Potts and Emma Thomson, who died in crash in Elkhart County

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Zachery Potts and Emma Thomson are being remembered for their dedication, passion, and personability.

Colleagues and friends of Zachery Potts and Emma Thomson are mourning their loss after a tragic car crash in Elkhart County claimed their lives Wednesday.

St. Joseph County Commissioner Andy Kostielney tells me he was in disbelief when he got the news.

“I had to re-read the text about 20 times. I called a couple of folks and the first thing I thought of when it kind of sunk in was I better call Zach, so when I got his voicemail I just got this pit in my stomach thinking oh my God of course he would’ve been with Jackie,” said Kostielney.

When remembering Potts, he said Zach always did things the right way.

“He wouldn’t do it at the expense of what was right. I think that was what made him so successful. Like I said he was a fierce fundraiser and did whatever he could to help people, but he made sure to do it the right way,” Kostielney says.

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood thought Potts and Walorski worked well with each other despite their different personalities.

“I think he complemented Representative Walorski very well. They were in some ways opposite in personality but he got a lot of things done and he really brought the same value system,” said Wood.

Mayor Wood did not work with Emma Thomson often but says she was a good addition to the team.

“And you throw Emma into that too, she really complemented that group and just gonna be sorely missed,” Wood said.

Kostielney remembers Thomson for her hard work and dedication.

“Anytime a life is taken that young it’s such a tragic accident and it’s terrible. I know I heard nothing but good things about her and everyone that worked with her was very impressed by her hard work and dedication too. It’s just a sad, sad time,” Kostielney said.

Congressman John Joyce worked closely with Thomson before she joined Walorski's team in Indiana.

In a statement he says:

“For two years I had the privilege and honor to work with Emma Thomson. Emma’s intelligence, creativity, drive, determination and humor were second to none. Emma’s work ethic was unparalleled in addition to leading my first re-election campaign. Emma was the voice of our team connecting with, and reassuring, our constituents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic”

Both Potts and Thomson will be greatly missed.

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