Proposal 3’s passage in Michigan is causing celebration and criticism as issue remains divisive in Michiana

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. – Michigan Proposal 3 was passed by voters Tuesday night, protecting reproductive rights, including the right to choose to have an abortion, in the state’s constitution.

It was a historic win for abortion rights, as Michigan was among four states that had abortion rights on the ballot—and voted to protect them in their constitutions.

Proposal 3—or Prop 3, the Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative—promised to protect an individual’s right to make decisions regarding all reproductive choices, including the right to have an abortion.

With the repeal of Roe. V. Wade earlier this summer, abortion rights in Michigan were set to return to a 1931 law which only allowed for medical abortions in a situation when a mother’s life would be in danger if she carried a pregnancy to term.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer believed it was one of the main issues that attracted voters to the polls.

“People were very fired up about the prospect of losing a right that has been enshrined for 49 years and that drew a lot of people to this moment and we’re very grateful for it,” she said.

Prop 3 will also protect the right to seek medical care to other matters related to reproduction, including contraception, infertility and treatments for miscarriages.

The proposal—one of three on the ballot for the state of Michigan, passed in the Midterm Election, joining states like California, Kentucky and Vermont that also voted to protect abortion rights in their state constitutions.

Whitmer later tweeted on Wednesday: “Abortion was, is, and will remain legal in the state of Michigan.”

The victory drew both cheers and criticism in Michiana.

Whole Women’s Health of South Bend wrote in a statement to ABC57:

“Whole Woman’s Health celebrates the win for abortion health rights and justice in Michigan! Anytime abortion wins on the ballot it benefits all of us. We collaborate regularly with Michigander abortion providers to be sure patients in the region are cared for. Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend looks forward to ongoing referral relationships and mutual support with the abortion providers in Michigan and we join them in celebrating today!”

Conversely, Antonio Marchi, the Executive Director of Right to Life Michiana wrote to ABC57:

“We are disappointed to see that the people of Michigan passed the extreme measures in Proposal 3, permanently rewriting the state’s constitution to reflect a drastic expansion of abortion. The new language allows late-term abortions up to birth* and strips parents of rights in cases of abortions performed on minors. While Michigan is making itself a tourist destination for those seeking abortion, we’ll continue to work tirelessly to connect women and unborn children with authentic care.”

The proposal can be accessed here.

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