Police investigating deadly shooting at Cheers Pub

NOW: Police investigating deadly shooting at Cheers Pub

ST JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. --- Officials are investigating a deadly shooting inside of Cheers Pub in Roseland that claimed the life of 39-year-old Rolando Saenz Jr.

It happened just before 1:30 am after witnesses told police a fight broke out between two men and one pulled out a handgun and shot Saenz in the chest who later died from his injuries.

People ABC57 talked to in Roseland, including police themselves were shocked by the violence Thursday morning and one resident who was at the bar, but left right before shots rang out said she was still shaken up.

“I literally almost broke down in tears and held my child because it could’ve been me, she wouldn’t have had anybody else to take care of her.”

A woman who did not want to appear on camera said she was at Cheers Pub, but she left just before shots rang out after 1:00 am.

She, bar employees, and even Roseland’s new town marshal all shocked by the fatal shooting in a normally quiet area.

“I’ve been with the department overall six years and in those six years there’s never been a homicide. I’ve been in this area for about 20 years and I can’t recall a homicide happening inside of Roseland, so it’s not a typical thing that happens in Roseland,” said Avery Minor, the Town Marshal of the Roseland Police Department

Minor who just took over his new role less than a month ago said they’ve received multiple complaints about Cheers and are planning to take action to protect patrons and neighbors.

“We are going to formulate some kind of plan because this is not typical and we want anyone that comes in to the town of Roseland to feel safe. Come have a good time and go home,” said Minor.

The pub also issued a statement about the incident that said in part quote,

“Cheers is about community and gathering with friends, and so we will not let violence divide us or keep us in fear.”

Officials said they’ve talked to a dozen witnesses, but no arrests have been made yet.

St. Joseph county police have agreed to take over all homicide investigations in Roseland with County Metro Homicide shutting down.

If you have any information about the shooting you can reach out to either St. Joseph County or Roseland police department as well as Michiana crime stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

Cheers also said they will be closed Thursday night and over the weekend to allow families, friends, and the community to grieve.

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