People gather together for the "Justice for South Bend" march for Eric Logan

NOW: People gather together for the “Justice for South Bend“ march for Eric Logan

SOUTH BEND, Ind – The Police Officer involved shooting of Eric Logan is grabbing the attention of many residents of South Bend. 

“The event is for the community to come together and march down to the mayor’s office the community is tired and sick of what’s going on within the city, the city police department this is not just about Eric Logan this is about people who’ve been mistreated by the South Bend Police,” South Bend resident Vernado Malone said. 

Malone and other community members joined together for Friday evening’s Justice for South Bend protest which was protesting the June 16thshooting of Eric Logan.  

The protest began at the South Bend Police department and continued to the County City building. 

The protest was attended by Mayor Pete Buttigieg and South Bend Police’s Chief Scott Ruszkowski. 

The protestors presented a list of items they would like to see city officials take action on including the firing of the officers involved in the shooting of Eric Logan. 

“The first demand concerns the firing of some police officers, the laws of this state are that that’s decided by a board of safety that’s five individuals and they will have a hearing and when there’s a serious discipline case that hearing is open to the public,” South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.  

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