Notre Dame football preparing their defense for the upcoming Blue-Gold game

NOW: Notre Dame football preparing their defense for the upcoming Blue-Gold game


SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Notre Dame football is adjusting with some new players and coaches ahead of their annual Blue-Gold game this month.

There are a number of new faces for the Notre Dame coaching staff.

One of them being former Ohio State linebackers coach Al Washington, who’s looking to improve the teams’ success at the line of scrimmage.

"It’s like we’re a good group, how can we become great. There’s always room for improvement. So each individual and as a unit and you look at wherever you are, like you look at today, our practice. How can we be better the next practice? So that’s the mentally we’re taking so it’s really found in the details," said Notre Dame Football defensive lineman coach Al Washington.

In little time, Washington and the defensive line have had to create a relationship that will benefit players both on and off the field to increase the level of productivity and success in the upcoming season.

"We all love Coach Washington. We love what he does. We love what he’s pushing us to do," said Notre Dame football defensive lineman Howard Cross III.

"You know with coach wash it’s been perfect. I get constant feedback. We have a great relationship you know he calls me probably like everyday and we talk about practice, about life, just about things going on so it’s been really good just having that constant communication, said Notre Dame football defensive lineman Rylie Mills.

Heading into the 2022 season the Fighting Irish will have a familiar face who decided to return to the defensive line.

Isaiah Foskey brings experience to the line while hoping to learn and improve his game with the help of coach Washington.

"I feel like he focuses a lot on pass rushing and run blocking, I mean not run blocking. Run stopping but it’s just a great position for him to be in. A great position for me to come back for a great coach like Coach Washington. Just someone to harp on stopping the run and that’s why I came back. So it’s just perfect role for that," said Notre Dame defensive lineman Isaiah Foskey.

While there is an adjustment for both players and coaches, Washington has noticed some things about his players in his new role and appreciates what they have been able to do.

"The thing I appreciate is how well they recognize there’s another level and that’s what we’re in the hunt to accomplish so they’ve come along very nicely this spring," said Washington.

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