Notre Dame Football off-season updates

NOW: Notre Dame Football off-season updates

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame beat writer Jack Soble gives the latest injury news 90 days away from week one against Texas A&M.

As the team prepares to begin fall camp on July 31, it's no secret that people want to know the status of their beloved Fighting Irish.

Good news is, Notre Dame looks to have a fairly manageable schedule and a return of healthy players. Unfortunately, that doesn't include junior running back Gi'Bran Payne.

"The bad news that we received Thursday afternoon from Notre Dame football PR is that Gibran Payne Jr. Running back, expected to miss the 2024 season with a torn ACL that he suffered in the Blue Gold game on April 20," Soble said.

"We talked to Coach Freeman late Friday morning, who said that Gi'Bran Payne did tear his ACL, had successful surgery, not necessarily out for the season, which was the interesting note there. Typically, when you tear your ACL in April, you're done for the season. He had surgery one or two weeks after the Blue-Gold game, but it was a clean tear. I essentially that the ligament was torn, no other damage in Gi'Bran Payne's knee, so Freeman did say that. Typically, it's at least six months and let's say estimate he had the surgery around May 1, that would put him on track at the earliest to return for the homestretch in November 1. So, his progress will be something to monitor throughout the season, as Gi'Bran Payne recovers from that torn ACL and subsequent surgery," Soble added.

As for those returning on the offensive side of the ball, tight end Mitchell Evans will be participating at the start of camp after tearing his ACL against the University of Pittsburgh on October 28, 2023.

On the defensive side, the name everyone loves Ben Morrison. As a freshman, Morrison hauled in six interceptions. He followed up his freshman campaign with three interceptions and led the team with 10 pass breakups as a sophomore.

"Benjamin Morrison is expected to be a partial participant for the start of fall camp. And what can partial mean? It can mean a lot of different things; it can mean that he's participating in warmups and then going off to the side for the rest of practice. Or it could mean that he's just not participating in the contact portion," Soble said.

"So again, Benjamin Morrison's progress will be interesting to monitor. They don't know when he'll be fully cleared. But they do expect it to be pretty close to August 31st against Texas A&M. But again, they said when they initially announced the surgery that they expected in return for the 2024 season. That's still the expectation I and again, it's Benjamin Morrison, he doesn't need too much ramping up they know what they have in him. If he can go, he's gonna start at that boundary cornerback spot against Texas A&M" Soble added.

Last but not least was the unexpected news of former Notre Dame football quarterback Tyler Buchner rejoining the team. After winning MPV of the Gator Bowl at the end of the 2022 season, Buchner transferred to the University of Alabama but didn't have a successful season. That led Buchner back to Notre Dame but this time, joining the 2023 Lacrosse champions. Heading into the 2024 football season, Notre Dame football Head Coach Marcus Freeman will get two players from the 2024 Notre Dame Lacrosse championship team. Standout receiver Jordan Faison and Tyler Buchner.

"We know about Jordan Faison; everyone knows his story by now. He came as a scholarship lacrosse player I got into the wide receiver rotation was probably their most productive wide receiver throughout the second half of that season. And of course, the Sun Bowl MVP. He'll be joined on Notre Dame football team next season by Tyler Buchner as a walk on wide receiver. He posted a pretty lengthy what was essentially a love letter to Notre Dame and all that it stands for. He talked to Freeman a few weeks ago, Freeman told us and essentially said how can I help this team? I don't think anyone can say what exactly Tyler Buchner's his role is going to be. I don't think he's expected to play any snaps. This is just my speculation. He's probably not in the team's plans a wide receiver but you never know. I mean, he's a good athlete. He wants to help his team any way he can, whether that scout team, whether that's, you know, trying to fulfill longshot odds to see the field. We'll see what happens but again, Tyler Buchner just wants to help his team anyway he can. He'll join Notre Dame football this fall," Soble mentioned.

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