Notre Dame fans react to big win against Clemson

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Many Notre Dame fans headed to the bars to celebrate the big win against Clemson. People are calling it the most exciting game of the season and a great way to end a long unprecedented semester. 

 “It was amazing, it was so electric, and getting to go on the field as a whole student body was almost an out of body experience because we haven’t gathered together like that with masks on in such a long time, and it was a great end to this semester with having such a hard year,” Megan Green a student at Notre Dame said. 

Lindsey Reina a Notre Dame student said Saturday’s football game was one for the books. 

“It was just one of those things where we know it's going to go down in history, where we're going to tell our kids and our grandkids, we’re just so excited to go home and tell our families about it and live in this moment for as long as we can,” Lindsey Reina a Notre Dame student said. 

Since it was such a close game, Fighting Irish fans were on the edge of their seats. Some said it was an expected win, while others say it could have gone either way. Joey Tobrydney said even though Notre Dame is undefeated, they can’t get too ahead of themselves, 

 “The national championships is at least six, seven games away, so we got a little bit of work to do. We got an ACC Championship to win and we get two playoff games so, we’re confident going into it, but I think we still got a little game to play,” Tobrydney said. 

The next home game is on December 5. It’ll be a while before Notre Dame fans can watch the team in action again, on their home turf.

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