New attorney for Kemia Hassel and trial date set to change soon

NOW: New attorney for Kemia Hassel and trial date set to change soon

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich.-- Kemia Hassel and her alleged lover Jeremy Cuellar were in court Monday for a case conference.

Prosecutors say Kemia plotted to kill her husband with alleged lover Cuellar when Tyrone Hassel III visited his family in St Joseph Township.

Kemia and Cuellar entered a Berrien County courtroom avoiding eye contact with people in attendance.

“Based on my understanding Hassel has obtained an attorney by the name of Castle,” said State Prosecutor.

“Yes,” said Kemia.

Hiring a new attorney along with the amount of discovery in the case means the original trial date of April 30 will likely change.

Kemia and Cuellar pleaded not guilty in the murder of Tyrone on New Year’s Eve.

Prosecutors say Tyrone was gunned down by Cuellar in front of the victim’s family home in St. Joseph Township.

This was a part of a plot to ambush Hassel orchestrated via Snapchat and claim his military life insurance of $100,000, according to prosecutors.

Tyrone’s father was front row hoping Monday’s hearing would be a push towards justice.

“I do know that murder trials take a long time but I was hoping to get it all overwith,” said Tyrone Hassel II.

But according to prosecutors they are willing to help defense lawyers get caught up on the evidence in the case, to keep the process moving.

“If the court is available next week, maybe we can stop up and check in with discovery with defense attorneys,” said Chief Trial Attorney Steve Pierangeli.

Judge Angela Pasula has scheduled another conference for April 22 to check the status with Kemia’s new attorney.

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