MLB lockout plays into the hands of the South Bend Cubs heading into the start of the season

NOW: MLB lockout plays into the hands of the South Bend Cubs heading into the start of the season

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- The Major League Baseball season is still on pause as negotiations are still in the air but the South Bend Cubs are prepping for what could impact the team ahead of opening day.

The Major League Baseball lockout is becoming a damper to fans who look to see their favorite teams due to the disagreement from the players union and commissioner Rob Manfred.

On the positive side, the void fans are noticing could be filled by teams like the South Bend Cubs.

"At least until they get it figured out, we’re the only game in town, so if you want to see baseball, come to four winds field," said South Bend Cubs President Joe Hart.

Minor league teams will have this opportunity to attract fans who want to see the up and coming talent for their favorite teams.

"The areas where normally those folds will go to the Chicago Cubs opening day, they’re going to be able to come to South Bend because we’re going to have a lot of up and coming prospects," said Hart.

As for those prospects that will see more fans than usual, they could stick around in south bend for a longer duration of time.

Because of the lockout on the major league level, players don’t have the flexibility to be sent to larger or smaller affiliates.

"For us that’ll be good. It’ll give the fans a chance to see these guys in action. I know ultimately for the minor league guys they’re goal is to, as much as they love South Bend, they want to get out of South Bend as quick as possible because that’s showing that they’re advancing," said Hart.

The league has what’s called a farm system allowing players to advance from one level to the next but without the largest league in play players will be in Michiana here on the single A stage.

"Obviously as single a, you always are getting call ups. When a guy gets called up from Triple A, they have to back fill them form Double A, well then, our guys go from here to Double A. So, I think early on you won’t see as much of that transition. I think guys will be set," said Hart.

Tickets for the 2022 season will go on sale Wednesday at 12 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at South Bend Cubs.

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