Michiana's Menu: Venturi brings taste of Italy to Goshen

Michiana’s Menu: Venturi brings taste of Italy to Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Welcome to Venturi. The Goshen pizzeria has been ranked in Esquire’s top 15 most life changing pizzas in the nation. It was even named as one of Yelp’s top 50 restaurants in all of Indiana.

Established for over 10 years now, and customers continue to flock for their delicious pizza.

But what makes them so unique?

“We will get people from Naples in and they will say this reminds me just of home,” says Brian Jones, Kitchen Manager.  

In 2006, Venturi received the stamp of approval for their Neapolitan style pizza directly from Italy.

“Neapolitan certification so someone from Italy actually comes out and inspects every detail of the process you are doing and makes sure you are following everything from the Neapolitan code,” says Jones.  

The establishment is one of few serving certified Neapolitan pizza. In fact, just over 50 restaurants nationwide receive this official certificate.

But else what makes it a …Neapolitan pizza?

The certification requiring that everything must come directly from Italy. The margarita pizza is made up of bread, a simple tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella which is made in house, plus basil, oil and salt. The marinara is simply sauce, dough, oregano, basil, oil and salt.

“This is way different than Papa Johns, it is going to taste different, the texture is different,” says Jones. “Being open to the idea of it and something different than your very American pizza.” 

Visit Venturi here.

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