Michiana's Menu: Hotdogeddy's takes hot dogs to a whole new level

Michiana’s Menu: Hotdogeddy’s takes hot dogs to a whole new level

ELKHART, Ind. -- June means boats, baseball and barbecues, all of these summer staples have one thing in common…

Located on the corner of South Main Street in downtown Elkhart lies Hotdogeddys. The quaint, hot dog shop is a go-to place for all comfort food cravings. And if there is one thing Edward Hayden knows…it is hot dogs.

“I always say if I ever put a hamburger on the menu, I failed as a hot dog guy,” says Edward Hayden, Owner of Hotdogeddy’s.

Hayden first ventured into the dog business back in 2011 with a hot dog cart. Customers could find him posted outside the pubs late at night serving the midnight rush. Then in 2015, Hayden opened his small, hot dog joint. The new restaurant giving him the chance to grow beyond just your typical dog.

“Let’s get a little fancier than that, that’s get something different. So I have just been tinkering around, I do bacon wrapped hot dogs, I do mac and cheese on a hot dog, I do pulled pork on a hot dog,” says Hayden. “If you think about any sandwich, I can throw it on a hot dog”

What started as the traditional Chicago style expanded to 19 hot dog specialties…from bacon wrapped, to chili cheese or even the mac daddy!

If you are craving a dog post night out or as a go to lunch, Hotdogeddy’s is the place to be.

“If you want something healthy to eat, I have directions if you want to eat and have a good time that is what I am here for,” says Hayden.  

Whether enjoying the breakfast or classic hot dog one thing is clear among these customers, the food is that good!

Plan your visit here.

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