Michiana's Menu: Experience pizza like never before at Silver Beach Pizza

Michiana’s Menu: Experience pizza like never before at Silver Beach Pizza

St. Joseph, MICH -- For this week’s Michiana’s Menu, we journeyed to St. Joseph, Michigan, to try what some say is the best pizza in all of Michiana.

“This place has really grown over the years, when we first opened, it was not that busy this coast was not as busy,” says David Costas, General Manager of Silver Beach Pizza.  

And grown they have. The pizza joint offers pizzas of all different types. Sure, you can put pepperoni on a pizza. But what about noodles, shrimp, cabbage, arugula, the possibilities are endless.

But it is not only the pizza to make a name of itself at Silver Beach.

“We just try to deliver great pizza, ice cold beer and every year we just try to expand a bit and build out and seat more people,” says Costas.  

And it was the idea of a cold beer that first brought this pizza to life. In 2003, the future owners of Silver Beach Pizza stopped at a local tavern while on vacation for a drink. The bartender pulled out a frozen schooner, and they were hooked.

The icy cup, paired with a cold beer, inspired the duo to open up a pizza shop that had two goals. Pizza and cold beer. Since then, the menu has only grown.

For St. Joseph, the pizza place continues to be an attraction for locals, vacationers and those simply passing through town. Even during the winter, they are the perfect place for a drink and a bite to eat.

“We have a great beach, great downtown, it is an awesome little community, and there’s lots of great communities along the coast so come check out Michigan.”

Plan your visit here.  

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