Michiana's Menu: At the age of 90, Pasquale Rulli can still be found in the kitchen

Michiana’s Menu: At the age of 90, Pasquale Rulli can still be found in the kitchen

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- “I work, I still work it 90 years old I come here and prepare everything, and every now and then I will come into the restaurant,” says Pasquale Rulli, Owner of Pasquale Rulli’s Pizza.  

For nearly 45 years, a visit to Pasquale Rulli’s Pizza has included delicious pizza, pasta, and one familiar face.

“If you want to stay healthy, you have to keep moving, as long as you move around, you in great shape,” says Pasquale.  

Pasquale Rulli first opened up his Italian restaurant alongside his son, daughter and wife. Now, the 90-years-old chef continues to find himself in the kitchen! Each morning his son, Pasquale Junior picks him up to bring him to work.

“I am glad he do that because I can’t stay at home, I have been working all of my life, I cannot just sit and watch TV all day, especially what she watches, she watches FBI all day,” says Pasquale.  

“Just to keep him involved in the business and 45 years is a long time to just give it up, and he is healthy enough to come in here everyday,” says Pasquale Junior.

Pasquale Rulli moved to America in 1951 after World War 2. He arrived in Indiana without knowing any English. He worked several jobs throughout his entire life to provide for the people who mean the most to him…his family.

“It was the first time we got to spend time together, he always worked two or three jobs and he did not get to be home much, so this was the most time we spent time together,” says Mary Lou Rulli.  

With his children, and grandchildren involved in the restaurant, Rulli’s grew to be a Mishawaka staple! 45 years serving the community. But for Pasquale, it would not be possible without his partner in crime.

 “I fell in love the first day I saw her, she had beautiful long hair and blue eyes and she loved to dance,” says Pasquale.

“Just about as soon as I saw him,” says Mary Lou.

The two first met when Mary she was just 17 years old. Pasquale was actually dating her best friend – when he then met her… and the rest was fate.

“That is how we fell in love, best thing to happen to me when I met her. Ever since then, we are still together, until God takes us apart,” says Pasquale.  

“But he promised we would go together,” says Mary Lou.

Try their delicious pizza and join the family for yourself! Learn more here.  

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