Michiana’s Menu: New food options for South Bend Cubs 2022 season

Michiana’s Menu: New food options for South Bend Cubs 2022 season

In this week’s Michiana’s Menu we found out what is on the menu for the South Bend Cubs upcoming season. Executive Chef for Four Winds Field took us on a culinary tour.

“Come out. Experience the ball park, experience the food and let your taste buds do the work,” said Scott Craig, the Executive Chef for Four Winds Field.

Chef Scott is the go-to guy bringing Cubs fans all the baseball favorites from barbecue brisket to helmet nachos or their Philly steak sandwiches. A trip to the ball park will leave you far from hungry.

Each year there are new food items to try.

“It is two nice three-ounce empanadas stuffed with beef and cheese and topped with roasted pork marinated in my salsa verde and then it is going to be topped with salsa verde and pickled jalapenos,” Chef Scott said.

The South Bend Cubs will honor and celebrate their Latino players and the Latin-X community with Copa Days.

Once a month, the ballpark will feature an exciting new menu – including dishes with Latin American roots.

Customers can try out a Dominican burger, elotes bowl, or even a roasted pork sandwich marinated with salsa verde.

From the homestand menu to the Latin American dishes, every plate is fresh.

“Everything is fresh, I bring in fresh ingredients and fresh produce to produce the best possible product that we can,” Chef Scott said.

For Chef Scott, it goes beyond just the food.

“If you are a family, coming with a family, watching the children experience maybe their first baseball game and watching the players out on the field playing baseball,” Chef Scott said.

For those of you observing Lent, the South Bend Cubs added a fish sandwich to the menu this season.

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