Meow Mission hosts 12th annual Alleys for Alley Cats fundraiser

NOW: Meow Mission hosts 12th annual Alleys for Alley Cats fundraiser


SOUTH BEND, Ind.,--October 16 is Global Cat Day, and even if you don’t have a cat, you can support The Meow Mission at the 12th annual Alleys for Alley Cats bowling event. If you can spare some time, you can help strike down the number of new stray kittens by raising funds for the all-volunteer, nonprofit, trap/neuter/release program.

The fundraiser benefits The Meow Mission and its mission to reduce the number of meows on the street. Since 2011, the organization has spayed and neutered 9,000 cats, this year's goal is to raise $10,000 at the fundraiser which can spay and neuter 200 cats.

You can support the mission at the Alleys for Alley Cats fundraiser by purchasing dinner tickets, bowling tickets or participating in the silent auction. While the organization cannot provide homes for all homeless cats. it reduces strains on shelters by trapping, neutering and releasing strays which is incredibly important as it lessens the number of stray cats and reduces the strain on shelters as cats can start producing kittens up at just four months old and are fertile for their entire lives. One female cat can have as many as eighteen cats in one year.

Meow Mission president Jodi Aker says you can do your part by contacting the mission about any stray cats you may find.

"Spread the word, if you know somebody that’s feeding cats, and I guarantee you, every one of us does, have them call us so we can get them spayed and neutered, so we can do something about the population," said Aker.

Since COVID closures and the inability to neuter cats, the mission has seen more kittens than ever before. While it cannot home every stray cat the meow mission works to reduce strain on shelters.

“Well it’s super important because the shelters are always full. They’re to the point where they can’t take in any more animals, so that means there are more homeless cats outside breeding and breeding. So, the more we fix, the less that come into the shelters. They’re resources can be used for adoption.”

Alleys for Alley Cats takes place at Bowlers Country Club from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can purchase tickets and bid on items on the Meow Mission’s Facebook page.

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