Mayor James Mueller delivers State of the City Address, shares recent city success

NOW: Mayor James Mueller delivers State of the City Address, shares recent city success

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- South Bend Mayor James Mueller held his State of the City Address Thursday night at La Casa de Amistad where he shared many of the city’s accomplishments over the last year. Topics like curbing crime, affordable housing, and vibrant neighborhoods were discussed with the goal to inform residents of the growth being seen in many aspects of our community.  

“All who call South Bend home, it’s so great to be with you tonight as I share the latest chapter of our story,” Mayor James Mueller says as he opened his address. 

The latest chapter of South Bend’s story, Mayor James Mueller defines it as the success and growth within the city over the past year.  

He began this year’s State of the City Address recognizing his commitment to making South Bend a safe community for everyone.  

“We need to move forward, not backward on commonsense gun measures that keep guns out of the wrong hands and our community safe,” Mayor Mueller says. 

As always, curbing crime is on the forefront. Although it's a problem that will never completely go away, Mayor Mueller says violence has gone down. The recent implementation of the Real Time Crime Center at the South Bend Police Department is a step in the right direction.  

However, concerns for mental health rose last summer after the deadly officer-involved shooting of Dante Kittrell, which had a heavy impact on neighbors but ultimately sparked change. After the incident, the city stepped up with funding for a 24/7 behavioral crises resource center which the mayor says is moving forward.  

“We remain optimistic that the statehouse will provide the funding necessary to sustain this center into the future, and that the County will reconsider its decision to withdraw from its partnership form crisis response and mental health,” says Mayor Mueller. 

Funding towards local homeless shelters and improving safe, affordable housing options for residents is another top priority. Multiple programs including the New Neighborhood Homes Initiative and the South Bend Repair Home Program are helping to make strides. 

“More housing of all types is good for the city and good for everyone,” the mayor adds. 

Not to mention it’s all being done in a city with welcoming and vibrant neighborhoods and award-winning parks and venues! 

“We are proud to say we are officially number one in parks and recreation,” excitedly shares Mayor Mueller. 

He closed by saying to reflect on South Bend’s accomplishments over the last year helps to instill confidence within the city and its residents, and push for even greater success.  

“The state of our city is as strong as ever, and South Bend is ready to reach new heights,” Mayor James Mueller assures. 

You can watch Mayor Mueller’s full State of the City Address here. 

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