Made in Michiana: Indiana Rug Company

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--This week’s made in Michiana takes us to Mishawaka.

When its time to buy a rug, you usually head into a local store to see what they have in stock.

Sometimes, it’s not the particular size, design or color we want.

Well there’s a solution to that at Indiana Rug Company.

The business continues the art of unique handmade rugs.

When you walk into the home of Lupe Troyer, the unique rug in the middle of her living room floor will catch your eye.

“We wanted something with abstracts, some crazy designs, used the color on the pillows and this is what they did for us," said Indiana Rug Company customer, Lupe Troyer.

But it's one you can’t find in just any home store.

You’d have to take a trip to Indiana Rug Co. on East Mishawaka Ave. in Mishawaka to get something similar.

“I started fiddling with this stuff in my garage. One thing lead to another and now we’re in our seventh location and here to stay," said owner Pam Richardes.

For three decades, Indiana Rug Co. has specialized in handmade, well, everything.

“Pillows, cushions, furniture, really anything you can build out of yarn, wood and fabric," said Richardes.

It’s their unique rugs that are making their mark across homes in Michiana, and around the country.

“We specialize in people who are looking for something unique, one of a kind. It may be the size, it may be the shape. You never know, said Richardes. "I go into their home, I see what their tastes are, what colors they like. Then we decide what we’re going to do.”

After the decision is made, Indiana Rug Co. orders the material. Then it’s time to get to work.

“We’re going to start with the paper pattern. We’re going to lay it on the carpet. We’re going to cut all the pieces out. Assemble them, put a new back on them. Then bring them up to the table, cut and carve with sheers to add the detail. Vacuum and then we’re ready to go,” said Richardes.

Its the personality and artistic flair sewn into every rug that sets Indiana Rug Co apart from the big box retail stores.

“We get so many people who come in and they see a rug, or they see an apron and it makes them crack up and say ‘this reminds me of my grandma.’ All of these things are relatable to people. They see something we’ve made and it connects to them on a deeper level than something they may find somewhere else. We love that about our products," said Lindsey Vest, General Manager at the business.

It's the memories made around Lupe's custom rug that keeps her and her family coming back for more.

“Well, my daughter has already claimed she wants the rug if we should ever gets a new one. Yea, that’s never going to happen, she can get her own," said Troyer.

So next time you're looking for that special piece that sets your home apart from the rest, you can place an order online, or you can make the short drive to Indiana Rug Company, and have it made right here in Michiana. 

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