Local law enforcement react to Capitol chaos

NOW: Local law enforcement react to Capitol chaos


ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- It has no doubt been a challenging year for law enforcement nationwide and some local police are reacting to the chaos that overwhelmed the Capitol.

From division over the pandemic, to protests over racial injustice this summer, officers said Wednesday’s events were startling – but potentially, something we all could’ve seen coming.

“I can’t say I’m completely shocked, things have been boiling over for a while,” said Deniece Fisher, Vice-President of the Fraternal Order of Police Blossomland Lodge #100. “I was extremely disappointed in those who chose to storm the Capitol and put people’s lives at risk, that’s not how we as Americans should be doing things.”

From a law enforcement perspective, it only further shows the changes needed within – not only to address the calls all year to mend racial disparities in the system, but also, to better protect police in dangerous situations like we saw on Capitol Hill.

“We as law enforcement see that times are changing, we have to change, we have to be better guardians of law and order,” said Mike Kline, Vice-President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #96.

Adding that police work has been an isolating job this year, but as the Trump campaign ran on the promise to support law enforcement, watching supporters turn on police was the most disheartening.

“It’s been wonderful to hear people say Back the Blue and support the police but then yesterday they attack the police,” said Fisher.

Making the fear continue that amidst all the chaos, more and more people will turn away from careers in law enforcement.

“I have a hard time recruiting someone to get into this mix right now,” said Kline. “But I’ve learned there’s immense pride that comes from doing the right thing and doing the job well and making the world a better place.”

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