IT'S OFFICIAL: Notre Dame to be featured in new college football video game

Image courtesy of EA Sports

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- University of Notre Dame Vice President and Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick announced on Tuesday that the school's football team will officially be featured in the new EA Sports College Football 2025 video game when it is released this summer. 

Last week, EA Sports released the trailer for the new game, the first college football game from EA Sports since 2013. Fans of the Fighting Irish were able to spot a few hints that Notre Dame would be featured in the game, including design shots of the iconic "Play Like A Champion Today" sign and the famous leprechaun logo.

"After nearly two years of work with EA Sports, we're proud to announce that our fans around the world will be able to play as the Fighting Irish in the upcoming College Football franchise," Swarbrick said. "The work that EA Sports is doing to provide over 11,000 college student-athletes opportunities to benefit directly from their name, image and likeness is a first-of-its kind undertaking and we're proud to have been involved in the process."

The popular video game franchise halted production after the release of NCAA Football 2014, in large part due to growing concerns of using players images and likenesses without compensating the athletes. 

After years of different court battles, laws being changed in over 25 states, and a failed plea to a U.S. Senate committee, the NCAA officially began allowing all athletes to benefit financially from their own fame in the summer of 2021. 

Three years later, one of EA's most popular franchises (now called College Football instead of NCAA Football) will hit store shelves again. 

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