Indiana's Mammoth North Solar Project to energize 75K households starting this month

STARKE COUNTY, Ind. -- Indiana's largest solar project is finally connecting to the grid in Starke and Pulaski Counties.

The 400-megawatt project is poised to provide sustainable energy to 75,000 households starting this month.

Philadelphia-based company Doral Renewables develops, owns, and operates renewable energy projects, working closely with farmers and local communities. Mammoth North Solar is one of their key projects. 

Starke and Pulaski Counties were chosen because two electric grid systems intersect there, making it ideal for power distribution along with Indiana's flat landscape. 

The project currently has 900,000 panels in Starke County, producing 400-megawatts. It's enough to power 75,000 Indiana households for the first phase of the project. 

The project will be developed in three phases. The second phase is currently under construction, with the timeline for the third phase yet to be announced.

Once completed, the Mammoth North Solar Project is expected to generate 1.3-gigawatts of energy, enough to power about 275,000 households annually across 13,000 acres in Starke and Pulaski Counties. 

About 20 percent of the land will have solar panels on tillable acres, while 80 percent will remain green or be used for vegetation. 

"They say that Indiana is the Crossroads of America. And it really is, and when you're delivering a supply of something as important as energy, which is needed to build the next, the future of America, I can't think of a better place than the Crossroads," President and CEO of Doral Renewables LLC Nick Cohen said. 

To celebrate this achievement, Doral Renewables will host a ceremonial event as Mammoth North Solar officially connects to the grid. Community leaders, stakeholders, and renewable energy advocates will gather to commemorate this significant milestone later on Tuesday, July 9. 

The company says they couldn't be any prouder of seeing everyone and the project finally coming together.  

"The ceremony symbolizes what this project is all about, lots of different folks from lots of different industries with different backgrounds coming together to create something that benefits both the community, the state, and the country, lowering energy prices, transition to clean energy, creating jobs, and creating economic opportunities for local businesses we're going to have," Ran Rabi of Doral Renewables LLC said.

Tuesday's ceremony takes place in Knox at 1 p.m. CT.

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