Governor Gretchen Whitmer makes a declaration following an electrical fire at an oil refinery

WHITING, Ind. -- On Wednesday, the B-P refinery in Whiting, Indiana suffered an electrical fire resulting operations to shut down for damage assessment.

On Saturday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer responded to the incident, ensuring continued access to adequate supply of motor fuels.

"I am taking action to help address Michigan’s fuel needs after a fire and power outage at a BP refinery in Indiana,” said Governor Whitmer. “The impacts of the outage at the Whiting facility will be widespread across our region, and I am taking proactive steps to help Michiganders get the fuel they need to drive their cars and help businesses keep their products moving."

The EPA temporarily lifted fuel delivery rules allowing truckers to drive longer and take shorter breaks to make it easier to get to gas stations across the mid-west until the refinery is back on-line.

"This is a great example of government and business working together to ensure that we continue to provide needed energy to keep Michigan moving," said Mark Griffith, President of the Michigan Petroleum Association. “This type of issue is usually short lived, the actions taken here will make it less onerous on Michigan businesses and residents.”

The shutdown will remain in effect until September 15 or following the end of the emergency.

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