Goshen breaks ground for new apartment complex

NOW: Goshen breaks ground for new apartment complex

Goshen, Ind. -- Goshen broke ground for a new 60 unit apartment complex on the corner of Plymouth Avenue and Indiana Avenue.

This is one of several projects set to kickoff late this year through the help of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and Ancon Construction.

Housing has become an issue in Goshen, but places like South Bend are familiar with it.

This affects not just those looking for housing but small businesses, school systems and tax dollars for city government.

“The more units we can bring on the better it is for our community the better it is for our business community, so that our family’s that work here can live here,” Nick Kieffer of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce says.

Many people come from other counties to work in factories and other businesses in Elkhart County.

The key is to give them the opportunity to live in the area and bring more business and local interaction.

“Economic development wise you have to have a place to live. Elkhart County we bring in close to thirty-five thousand people a day to work in the county from other counties so the more we can develop our community and have all different types of housing options available for our residents and our employment population the better,” says Kieffer.

In the South Bend area, there have been some projects that helped with their housing issues.

“In Mishawaka The Mill happened downtown, in South Bend Berlin Flats and LaSalle and some others,” Jeff Rea of the South Bend Chamber of Commerce said.

With these projects and any new ones in the future there are some obstacles that have to be overcome, like supply chain issues causing tool and supply shortages.

“The challenge with that being able to get simple things like a transformer that would provide electricity or even a ductile iron to extend a gas main to the side or any of those things. It just made it hard to advance projects,” says Rea.

The first building of the new apartment complex is set to be complete by late spring and another apartment complex is set to to break ground by the end of the year.

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