Elkhart train museum to open new children's area

NOW: Elkhart train museum to open new children’s area


ELKHART, Ind. --- The National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart made big changes to their children-focused exhibit! The new 'kids zone' features a playhouse train, a train Lego table, interactive displays, and many more to help bring more people out to the museum.

Lots of kids were at the museum Sunday to check out the new children's area before it opens to the general public. The goal is to give the kids more opportunities to come to the museum and learn about the history of trains in Elkhart.

The bell on the brand-new children's train at the museum rang loud and clear on Sunday afternoon. Kids came out to play with the train-themed toys in the new 'kids zone' at the museum.

“Trains, whoo!", says Braxton, a young train lover who came to the event.

“Trains and legos!”, says Camila, who was enjoying the train toys.

The children's exhibit encourages a mix of fun and education with all-things trains, something that is important to the history of Elkhart.

“For a lot of young kids, the passion is trains because it’s just one of the things you kind of grow up with," says Matt Hughey, Acting Curator at museum. "We're trying to help draw more people into the museum to really show all the important history that railroad has, especially in Elkhart, as well as the nation as a whole in this building."

Sunday's event was tailored to the sponsors of the exhibit, and their families, so they can see how their contributions will bring in more people to the museum once it's open to the public.

“A lot of these sponsors, they invite their families, all the different companies. Because a lot of them, I’m sure, don’t know we’re even here," says Hughey. "We’re trying to change that. We’re here in Elkhart, we’re happy to share all the history here in Elkhart, especially our railroad history.”

And according to Braxton, old things like trains can be cool!

“There’s a lot of, sort of, old but cool things," Braxton says. "Like, personally I like old stuff more than new stuff, so this just proves how fun old is."

The new kids exhibit will open to the general public on April 2nd during the museum's 'Bunny Express' Easter event. To get more information about the event and the museum itself, you can visit their tab on the City of Elkhart's website.

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