Elkhart Common Council gives over $500,000 for building demolitions

ELKHART, Ind. - The Elkhart Common Council voted Monday to give $523,000 towards the demolition of two buildings in the city. 

On 119 S. Main Street, demolitions began in August, due to unstable walls verging on collapse, and finalized on Friday, December 1. 

Funds will also cover the demolition costs of a previous residence on 220-222 Jefferson Street, which previously caught fire twice before.

The home's walls were weakened by the fire and the fire department said the building won't last a third fire, likely spreading the fire to surrounding areas. 

Another concern was asbestos in the walls, as said by the building commissioner, which if a third fire arose, asbestos would likely spread as well. 

The demolition for 220-222 Jefferson Street will likely be scheduled for next year.

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