Donations needed to repair humane society HVAC unit

NOW: Donations needed to repair humane society HVAC unit

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - In this 90-degree weather, it's likely most have turned on their air conditioning systems.

But at the Humane Society of St. Joseph County, one of the HVAC units broke down.

Thankfully, the animals are okay, and a temporary mobile unit is keeping the pets cool, but they need help to fix the unit.

The HVAC unit failed right before Memorial Day weekend, so the affected area is temporarily equipped with extra fans, trying to keep the animals nice and cool during these hot days.

Replacing the unit could cost as much as $4,000, so they are looking for donations from the community to make that crucial repair possible.

Executive Director Jenny Brown said the facility is 13 years old with eight or nine HVAC units.

The adoption dog area and new cat intake area were both affected by the broken-down unit.

Staff were able to move the cats, but they don't have space for the dogs anywhere else, so they are keeping it cool for them now while calling on the community for help.

"Without an HVAC unit, the temperature in there will get 80, 80-plus degrees, which becomes a health hazard in those areas, and the people who are working in those areas,” Brown said. “So, we want to make sure we limit that possibility by having functional equipment here at the shelter.”

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