County assessor holds town hall in New Carlisle Township

NOW: County assessor holds town hall in New Carlisle Township

NEW CARLISLE TOWNSHIP, Ind. — The first of nine town hall meetings with county assessor Michael Castellon takes place tonight at the New Carlisle Public Library.

Castellon says his goal is to provide more for transparency between his office and taxpayers, to give information on property tax assessments, and to ease the appeal process.

Castellon explained, “I’ve completely changed that. How we approach the appeal and who’s going to reach out to them. How they’ll reach out to them - the type of stuff we’ll be talking about in order to address their issues with their property assessment.”

Castellon also mentioned extra changes that are forthcoming as the appeal process is becoming more digital. 

Castellon stated, “Anytime we filed the appeal process before, they had to come down to the County-City building, they fill out this paperwork just looking for legal jargon and other information and in our new system it automatically uploads that for them, and they can file the appeal."

In addition to these changes in the appeal process, Castellon welcomes any questions, as many people are probably wondering how the upcoming development will impact individual homes and neighborhoods in terms of property taxes.

If you cannot attend the town hall tonight, the next town hall meeting will take place tomorrow, March 28, in Lincoln Township at the Walkerton Public Library from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Future meetings are also scheduled in Lakeville, Clay, Penn, Liberty, Harris, Portage, and Osceola Townships.

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