Concerns at Penn High School after student is handed "white privilege" card

NOW: Concerns at Penn High School after student is handed “white privilege“ card

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Just before Thanksgiving break, a woman took to Facebook, complaining that someone handed her daughter a card reading "white privilege trumps everything" while at Penn High School.

Designed to look like a credit card, it has printed on its back: "This card grants its bearer happiness because it's the color of your skin and not the choices that you make that determines your ability to be successful."

The sentiment, drawing concern from parents on Facebook-- some feeling the card's message is deliberately racist-- others thinking it's more satirical, mocking the notion of white privilege.

“It just doesn’t represent what we’re trying to accomplish at Penn High School," said Sean Galiher, Penn High Schools' principal. “The card itself I think just doesn’t send a great message, regardless of whether or not someone thinks its funny or not.”

The card, which also bears several allusions to former President Donald Trump, is sold on a website with products featuring far-right slogans on clothing, water bottles and other items. 

Galiher sent an email to parents assuring them that the cards to not represent the school's values. 

He said “We’re tying to create a positive environment with students respecting each other, taking care of themselves and each other in this place. And whether or not it was done in a joke-y manner, it just doesn’t support our mission and vision of Penn High School.”

While so far there has only been one card handed to a student, Galiher says that if more cards are found, they should be turned in immediately.

“It’s an ongoing investigation just to see if it’s still circulating out there," he said. "Right now we don’t think it’s a major issue, but we’re trying to—if it does come up—just work with our parents and our students to know that if they are made aware or do see the card to let us know.”

The school has not said who the card was handed out by, or if they will face disciplinary action. 

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