Coal Line Trail connects more of South Bend

NOW: Coal Line Trail connects more of South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- City leaders and local lawmakers celebrated the completion of phase two of the city's Coal Line Trail.

What was once an abandoned railroad bridge is now a pedestrian bridge for walkers and bikers over the St. Joseph River. 

“My wife and I love to bike on our tandem, we like to hike and to have safe places you can do that and is really the basis for a budding, growing community,” said former South Bend Mayor, Steve Leucke.

The trail, affectionately named after the longest-serving mayor for South Bend.

“Our goal at that time was to really have a trail system that ran along the entire length of the river, and we accomplished that during my administration," he said. "And I’m just delighted that Mayor Pete and Mayor James have continued expanding the trail system and making our community safer for walkers and for bikers.”

The Steven J. Luecke trail now spans from Lincolnway to Michigan Street. 

The latest construction, a $7 million project, was funded 80% from federal congestion, mitigation, and air quality funds and the other 20% was covered by the city. 

“These paths that connect neighborhoods are really important to me," Luecke said. "They connect people to work, connect people to parks, connect people to schools, connect people to places they shop.” 

The Coal Line Trail isn’t done yet. There is still phase three. 

This will extend the trail south of Lincolnway west to the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Center. 

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