Coach Kelly discusses training camp and COVID-19 challenges

NOW: Coach Kelly discusses training camp and COVID-19 challenges

The college football schedule for the 2020 fall season is continually changing, but the Notre Dame football team continues to move forward. Head Coach Brian Kelly held a virtual press conference with the media on Thursday.

Coach Kelly kept the press conference primarily focused on training camp.

While Notre Dame is moving forward with practice, this fall has been anything but normal.

There have been several changes on the field this preseason, including the use of masks by coaches and staff.

Players are expected to wear a mask anytime they don't have a helmet on.

Other changes include disinfecting balls in between throws to individual water bottles and a 50-percent capacity restriction in the locker room.

All of these things are creating more adversity than simply playing football ever has.

"Many more challenges than whether we can run the right coverages, it's all the other things that require such an attention to our players. They have been unbelievable, but how taxing does this become over the long road? Less about blocking and tackling, more about these other challenges," Coach Kelly said.

Pandemic challenges aside, Coach Kelly says it has been great to get his players back to practice so they can focus and get into their routine because they have a unique opportunity this season.

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