Buchanan launches Munchie Mondays

NOW: Buchanan launches Munchie Mondays

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Downtown Buchanan has the munchies-- or rather-- Munchie Mondays, an all-new summer event aiming to bring the community together with some comfort food from local businesses.

"Small town supporting small businesses. It's always good," said Carson Carragan-- part owner of Wood, Stock & Grill, specializing in barbecue and mac and cheese.

"We're residents of Buchanan, so we've known everyone through Buchanan, and they just called us up and were like 'we'd love to have you down for Munchie Mondays,'" Carragan added.

Also out in the newly designated Food Truck Alley was Michiana Concessions, slinging out Chicago dogs.

"We thought we'd give it a try, see how much business it brings in," said Deanna Adams, with Michiana Concessions.

The business owners here said they had good crowds throughout the afternoon, especially for a Monday, which they believed was a good sign.

Adams said, "I think it'll give the downtown businesses a chance to obtain more customers or introduce people to their businesses, so it's good."

They hope the event only gets bigger as summer rolls on.

"It's been awesome, so I hope they keep doing it," said Carragan. "Keep getting some more food vendors out here, different food vendors, and experience all different types of food and what not."

Munchie Mondays are running in Buchanan from May 15 all the way through July 31, from 11:30am to 7:30pm.

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