Brother of man killed by SBPD shares message

NOW: Brother of man killed by SBPD shares message

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Tyree Bonds the brother of Eric Logan who was killed in an officer involved shooting on June 16th is speaking out to urge the South Bend community to be non-violent during this tense time and moving forward in the future.

“Everybody just needs to step back and think about what’s going on,” Tyree Bonds said.

Bonds says his family is still in the search for answers after the death of his brother Eric Logan.

"There’s so much going on and so much stress in the family and you have everybody coming at us asking us all these different questions and we don’t have no answers for nobody we asking questions ourselves,” Bonds said.

The Logan family hopes to have answers now that an independent prosecutor will be appointed to oversee the investigation.

When asked how he finds the strength to urge people to remain non-violent and call for peace during this difficult time Bonds spoke about the source of his strength.

“Number one strength I have now is from the man upstairs because I’ve been through so many depths and valleys and I’ve always been a big person to have to bring up the strength needed,” Bonds said.

Eric Logan’s funeral will be held on Saturday and the family would like the focus to be on celebrating the life of their loved one.

“Whatever someone does on their own don’t put our family’s name into it and the moms or the daughter or no family member said it, it won’t be nothing bad we want to do one thing and one thing only and we want to have a celebration and a home going for our brother,” Bonds said.

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