Autumn Equinox 2022; fall starts Thursday

Pumpkin spices, apple orchards, corn mazes - if these have been on your mind recently, you've probably been counting down the days until the start of fall.

It is officially here: the Autumn Equinox happens at 9:03 p.m. Thursday, which is the start of the fall season.

At this time, Earth's Equator will be aligned with the sun. We will see roughly equal amounts of light and day today (about twelve hours of each).

Even past the equinox, we continue to lose about two minutes and 45 seconds of daylight each day into the month of October.

The forecast certainly feels like fall. Typically on September 22, high temperatures in Michiana should be around 72 degrees, but we will only climb into the mid 60s both today and tomorrow.

So far, there has been minimal autumn color in tree leaves across Michiana. The cooler air may help jumpstart the color change, however we will have to wait patiently until October for peak fall colors.

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