ABC57 Road Trip: Lake Arvesta Sports Complex

ABC57 Road Trip: Lake Arvesta Sports Complex

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. -- A time when the water is rough and the temperatures are high! For this week’s road trip, we wanted to find a new way to beat the heat!

And do so safely…which led us to Lake Arvesta Sports Complex! The 88-acre farm offers parents a contained environment for kids to enjoy the summer days.

“We are a man-made lake, we are fresh water, we do not have currents here and we have full time lifeguards so it is safe to bring young kids out with the life guards,” says Brian deBest, Owner and Developer of Lake Arvesta Sports Complex.  

The complex features a wibit, or a jungle gym on water! If obstacles are not your thing, visitors can also put their water sports to the test with the cable park. Intermediate to pro skiers and wakeboarders alike can enjoy the ride.

If you really want to put your fear to the test, check out the water slides, one of with an 80-foot elevation drop! For the less adventurous, kayaks and paddle boards are available on the lake, and even pickle ball and yard games for those who might not enjoy the splash!

“It is a great outdoor adventure and you can have 100 years to 3 years old can enjoy the water,” says deBest.  

Further information can be found here.

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